The foundation of psychology
(or how to grow by seeing yourself for what you are).

“There is one quality that trumps all, evident in virtually every great entrepreneur, manager, and leader. That quality is self-awareness.” – Anthony Tjan, Harvard Business Review


Self-awareness is a revolution in your psyche.

It dismantles the layers of lies you’ve been telling yourself to perpetuate a false conception of who you are.

It gets you in touch with King Reality so you can feel the pain of his admonishment and receive the joy of his benefaction.

Self-awareness is the foundation of psychology, and so the foundation of all growth, which makes sense when you think about it—you cannot grow until you first know what to change.

What you will learn from Man’s Guide to Self-Awareness:

    • What self-awareness means, specifically, and how you can dismantle your protective mechanisms to see yourself for what you are.

    • How cognitive biases affect your perception of reality, and how you can fix yours based on my three previous ebooks on Anxiety, Anger, and Identity.

    • How the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle relates to your ability to see yourself and grow.

    • What it means to lose your composure, and how this uncomfortable moment exposes the root of any psychological issue.

    • The one rule for becoming more honest (I’ve seen junkies, who are essentially professional liars, employ this one rule to become some of the most honest people I’ve ever met).

    • More then 20 specific techniques for increasing self-awareness, and how to see yourself in ways that will hurt your brain (in a good way).

    • How to fully apply man’s psychology through the explication of case studies from five of my previous patients.

I once asked my professor if there has ever been a book written on self-awareness. She paused, then gave me a dumbfounded look and replied, “No, I guess there hasn’t been.”

Turns out she was wrong, but not by much. Books on self-awareness are scarce, and most of them are only about mindfulness (a buzzword for focus), which is barely a brush stroke on the mural of self-awareness.

Though psychology is older than cave paintings, this is the first comprehensive yet practical work on its foundation, the quality that trumps all.

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